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New Era for Red Baron 3D ?

July 9, 2010 ~ Posting here some of the original and modified Promised Land graphics

08-12-2010 ~ Approved Promised Land Graphics sets compiled and modified by Skidmark on this page

From October 2002 the original PLasV1a , the first complete Promised Land release
including DirectDraw terrains and player made aircraft 3d nodels in a lowres.vol


License Terms for use of "The Promised Land" graphics (cc3by) January 15, 2010
Licensor: Mitch "Kessler" Kent
Licensor Representative: Erik "Flybert" Aamot

This document must be included in any publication of "The Promised Land" images, and any adaptation-modification of these works published

Definition of works and collections:
"The Promised Land" graphics embody the images and collection of images created by Mitch "Kessler" Kent from August 1998 through December 2002, designed for use "Red Baron II" and "Red Baron 3D". These works, typically released in collections named "PL", "PL1" and "PL2" are comprised of images in 8-bit 256 indexed color bitmap format no larger than 256 x 256 pixel size. These collections typically included terrain textures numbering 230 to 690 images and ground object textures numbering several 100 images. Some releases included cloud and explosion-fire-smoke effects textures which in addition to .bmp files, usually include .aph alpha files. Thanks to Erik "Flybert" Aamot for technical information and assistance in developing these works

This license applies to all adaptations currently in publication and supercedes all previous agreements regarding these works

The Promised Land Graphics are hereby released under
Creative Commons 3.0 Unported Attribute License < this URL must be displayed with any publication (ie:download link) to the works or adaptations >
specific legal language is here:

Use of this license does not imply endorsement nor approval of modifications of the works.
If you desire an endorsement of your modifications to Promised land graphics, please contact for information

This release is a gift to the Red Baron Community and Damon Slye




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